Special Interest Group Workshops

The ASI Special Interest Groups are excited to announce that in addition to the ASI ASM 2022 main meeting, the ASI special interest groups will be hosting 5 workshops on Monday 28th of November 2022, the day before the main meeting begins. 

**Oral speaking opportunities at the workshops are available for delegates who submitted abstracts**

Location: All workshops will be held at The Peter Doherty Institute (corner of Royal Parade & Grattan Street) and The University of Melbourne Alan Gilbert Building (Grattan Street) Parkville. 

Time: 0900 – 1600 AEST 

Catering: Morning tea and lunch will be provided.

Pricing: $65 for student ASI members and $100 for regular ASI members.


Check out the list of exciting Workshop Programs and Invited Speakers below…
Stromal Immunity and Tumour Immunology
Workshop Speakers
  • Helen Heslop (Baylor College of Medicine, Texas, USA)
    ‘Extending CAR-T cell therapies to solid tumors’
  • Thomas Gebhardt (The Peter Doherty Institute, Melbourne)
    ‘Helper and killer T cell responses to cutaneous melanoma’
  • Alice Denton (Imperial College London, UK)
    ‘Lymphoid stroma defects underpin poor vaccine responses in ageing’
  • Cameron Bastow (Monash University)
    ‘Stromal regulation of leukocyte trafficking during homeostasis and cancer’
  • Anna Trigos (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne)
    ‘Analysing spatial proteomics data to profile the tumour immune microenvironment’


Workshop Organisers
  • Lisa Ebert
  • Anne Fletcher

Workshop Program

View the Stromal Immunity and Tumour Immunology Workshop Program.

Innate Immunity and Immunometabolism
Workshop Speakers
  • Florent Ginhoux (A*STAR Singapore)
    ‘Tissue Resident Macrophages’
  • Kathryn Lawlor (Hudson)
    ‘Inflammatory Signalling Pathways’
  • Fernando Fonseca Guimaraes (UQ)
    ‘NK cell Responses’
  • Fiona Pixley (UWA)
    ‘Tumor Associated Macrophages’
  • Justine Mintern (UoM)
    ‘Ubiquitin & Immunity’


  • Axel Kallies (UoM) – Adipose T cells
  • Lucille Rankin (WEHI) – Microbial Tryptophan Metabolism & Tregs
  • Andrew Murphy (Baker Institute) – Dietary Salt & Hematopoesis
  • Annabell Bachem (UoM) – Microbiota Metabolites & CD8+ T cell immunity


  • Matt Sweet (UQ)
    ‘Macrophage Immunometabolism’
  • Mike Rogers (Garvan)
    ‘Mevalonate Pathway & Autoinflammatory Disease’
  • Nirmal Robinson (Uni SA)
    ‘TFEB, Mitochondria & Immunity’
  • Karla Helbig (La Trobe)
    ‘Lipid Droplets in Viral Infection’
  • Tri Phan (Garvan)
    ‘Metabolism & Osteoclast Transitions’
Workshop Organisers
  • Ajith Vasanthakumar
  • Katrina Binger
  • Marcia Munoz

Workshop Program

View the Innate Immunity and Immunometabolism Workshop Program.

Clinical Immunology, Autoimmunity & Tolerance, Systems Immunology
Workshop Speakers
  • Michelle Linterman (Babrahan Insitute, UK)
    ‘How human T and B cell response to vaccination changes with age’

  • Dan Littman (NYU School of Medicine and HHMI)

  • Fabio Luciani (UNSW Sydney)
    Dissecting immuno-pathogenesis in active and refractory Coeliac disease using single cell multi-omic


Workshop Organisers
  • Vanessa Bryant 
  • Emma Hamilton-Williams 
  • Di Yu

Workshop Program

View the Clinical Immunology, Autoimmunity & Tolerance, Systems Immunology Workshop Program.

Infection & Immunity, Wild & Comparative Immunology
Workshop Speakers
  • Guillaume Dumenil (Institut Pasteur, Paris)


Workshop Organisers
  • Iona Schuster 
  • Jerome Le Nours

Workshop Program (Coming Soon)

The Infection & Immunity, Wild & Comparative Immunology Workshop Program is coming soon.

Early Career Researchers (Students and postdocs 0-3y)
Workshop Speakers
  • “How to Pitch a Paper

Discussion on writing, editing, submitting and publishing scientific papers with CTI Editor-in-Chief Professor Rajiv Khanna, ICB Editor-in-Chief Professor Anne La Flamme and Katrina Tepper, Research and Learning Coordinator at Monash University

  • Panel Discussion: Careers Following a PhD

Join our esteemed panel of academic and industry researchers as they discuss the decisions they made following a PhD and why they chose the career paths they are currently pursuing


Workshop Organisers
  • Sarah Sandford

Workshop Program

View the Early Career Researchers (Students and postdocs 0-3y) Workshop Program.