Special Interest Group Workshops

The ASI Special Interest Groups are excited to announce that in addition to the ASI ASM 2022 main meeting, the ASI special interest groups will be hosting 5 workshops on Monday 28th of November 2022, the day before the main meeting begins. 

Location: All workshops will be held at The Peter Doherty Institute (corner of Royal Parade & Grattan Street) and The University of Melbourne Alan Gilbert Building (Grattan Street) Parkville. 

Time: 0900 – 1600 AEST (Morning tea and lunch will be provided)

Pricing: $65 for student ASI members and $100 for regular ASI members.

1) Stromal Immunity and Tumour Immunology

  • Lisa Ebert
  • Anne Fletcher

2) Innate Immunity and Immunometabolism

  • Ajith Vasanthakumar
  • Katrina Binger
  • Marcia Munoz

3) Clinical Immunology, Autoimmunity & Tolerance, Systems Immunology 

  • Vanessa Bryant 
  • Emma Hamilton-Williams 
  • Di Yu 

4) Infection & Immunity, Wild & Comparative Immunology

  • Iona Schuster 
  • Jerome Le Nours

5) Early Career Researchers (Students and postdocs 0-3y)

  • Sarah Sandford